Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday was incredible, Sarah and I felt like Queens, you waited on the whole time you are there, I never once opened a door for myself, the second my teacup was less than full, it was refilled.. It was incredible. But then, we went to do some light shopping, finding ourselves, of course, in H&M.

I had spent a good half hour looking at everything but I hadn't found much that I wanted/could afford. And then I saw it. A beautiful shiny beacon of yellow fabric and print. It was like Moses and the Red Sea, all the rails parted as I was pulled towards this glorious item. Golden clouds started to float around the room and glitter began to fall from the skies. Cloud poodles danced around the room with big smiles and fluffy bottoms. As I picked it up, the clouds seemed to part to allow the sun to shine directly in its path... Cherubs sang Hallelujah as I tried it on. And as I looked in the mirror, I realised that I could not possibly leave without it. It was a yellow cotton blazer, with a repeated print of black poodle silhouettes. I almost died it was so beautiful.

Then, to my horror, I realised that it was thirty euro. I had a tenner for the bus home. So, I proceded to spend as much time wearing the jacket as possible until Sarah insisted that we were going to miss the bus. We went our seperate ways.

Today, I am trying to convince Dad to drive me to Carlow to the H&M there, because for some messed up reason, there is no H&M in Kilkenny. I need to get it.

My camera's a bit dodge at the moment, so I had to take afternoon tea pictures on my phone which is extremely shit. So when I've photoshopped the photos a bit sharper, then I'll upload them and tell you about afternoon tea :D

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